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Address: 2800 Stafford Ave. #3054, Scranton, PA 18505 USA

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Step 3 - Paint: Apply by brush 100% Acrylic Latex Exterior Paint.

Step 1 - Preparations: Scrape loose paint off wood siding with Hyde Carbide Blades. 

Step 2 - Prime: Apply by brush Peel-Stop Triple Thick bonding primer.  This primer looks milky white when first applied, then dries clear.

Professional Painting Contractor

Exterior/Interior Painting & Repairs

Locally Owned & Operated by Vincent Bentler - HIC# PA092345

Serving Scranton, PA and surrounding areas for over 20 years


Wood House Painting

Let your beautiful Wood home get the top notch care it deserves!

The foundation of Bentler Painting was built on exterior painting of wood houses and Victorians.  

We are experts in how to properly maintain and restore wood siding through proper preparations and painting.  Owner/Master Painter, Vince Bentler,  is also an experienced carpenter and performs repairs and replacements on wood siding.

During your estimate with Bentler Painting, we will:

  • Inspect the entire exterior of your wood home for needed repairs
  • Discuss existing and preventative problems with you
  • And, based off your suggested wants and needs, we will offer you different options for the solutions
  • Discuss paint colors

Proper surface preparations are necessary to achieve a lasting finish on any type of house siding; however, with wood siding, it is critical. 

The end result on your house will be a smooth, even, detailed, long-lasting paint finish.

It is important to note that Bentler Painting does not pressure-wash wood siding.  It is one of several reasons why our hand-brushed exterior painting of wood houses lasts a long time.  We will be happy to explain why pressure-washing wood siding is not a good idea when we talk to you.

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